What we do...

We are an ophthalmology practice – that means we manage all eye diseases.

Our in-house eye surgeons deliver care to you directly without the queues and delays that unfortunately plague the NHS. We can provide treatments (eyedrops and medicines that can only be prescribed) alongside laser surgery and eye injections on-site.

If you are under hospital care and not getting your appointments we can see you in our clinic and give you a full copy of your notes and tests that you can take to your next hospital appointment. That way you will still have continuity of care that is so important for the management of long-term eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Why us?

We don’t keep profits, instead we re-invest everything into training the current and next generation of eyecare professionals

The AHPO Eye Centre is part of the Association of Health Professions in Ophthalmology, an education charity the provides courses and apprenticeships for eyecare staff. Because we are passionate about delivering eyecare to the highest standards, you not only get the best care, you will support our work to educate and train eyecare staff throughout the UK.

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