Support for NHS glaucoma patients

If you have glaucoma and are not getting your NHS appointments…

the AHPO Eye Centre can help you through this this difficult time. You can obtain a copy of your NHS hospital notes free of charge and we can advise how and what you need to request. Our consultants who specialise in glaucoma care can review these notes and undertake a comprehensive eye examination and adjust your treatment if your eye pressures are not under control. We can then advise how frequently you should be seen and the diagnostic tests that should be undertaken, and we will give you a copy of our records that you can take to your next hospital eye clinic appointment when that becomes available. If your glaucoma is mild and stable we may be able to recommend that you see a community optometrist (optician), and provide them with advice and support as needed. We can also provide follow-up visits, some of which may be “virtual”, when our technician undertakes all the necessary tests and the consultant reviews the results.

Our purpose is to ensure that you know how your glaucoma should be managed, and the most cost-effective but safe way to deliver that care if this is not available on the NHS

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